Assembly Instructions for the VT Trainer Pro


Place support bars as shown below, approximately 3' apart. Note that the weight frame sits on the far end as pictured.




Place the weight stack frame on top of the support bars as shown. Secure with short bolts through the top and long bolts through the sides. All bolts should have washers on both ends, except in instances where the nut is welded into the frame.




Next place the bike frame on the support bars as shown below, and secure with bolts.




Route upper cable as shown below, securing one end to frame bracket and holding other end in place with installed large pulley.




Install small pulley as shown below.





Attach second cable and route through frame holes as shown below.




Insert pulleys into brackets and secure with bolts. Be sure to include safety tab with both of the pulleys on the bike frame (safety tab should be approximately 1/8 from cable when taut).


BE SURE CABLE MOVES BACK AND FORTH SMOOTHLY ON THE PULLEYS BEFORE APPLYING HEAVY LOADS. There may be internal bracket pieces that interfere with cable movement, if not routed correctly.


Insert end of cable into the bracket on the drive mechanism, as shown below (requires removing and replacing small retainer screw).





Insert guide rods into holes at bottom of weight stack frame, with rubber stops at the bottom of the rods.




Install weight plates as shown, with the 12 larger plates on the bottom and 4 smaller plates on top (the flat/smooth side of each plate should be facing down).




Install the selector pin as shown, then secure the guide rods with the bolts in the frame.




Attach cable bolt to pin as shown, tightening to the point that the pin begins to lift (may also need to adjust other cable bolt), then backing off just a little. These bolts may need adjustment after some time of use. Be sure to tighten retaining bolt at the end of this step.


Attached selector rod by routing flexible cable through tunnel in pin, and securing with steel ring.




Attach add-on weight rod through the frame, and secure with nut. These are 5 lb. weights for smaller incremental changes in weight.




Attach pedals, handle bars and seat/post.




Install front and rear frame shrouds, by bending and inserting into side guides. The front shroud has an opening to access weight selector and add/remove add-on weights.


Then attach front top cover, followed by rear top cover, with the provided screws.



The VT Trainer Pro is complete.